The Logistics

by chriscrawfordnh

Well, as I reach the final planning stages and finalize the logistics of this expedition, I face a number of sobering realities. Most of the people who originally planned on attending have backed out, so this may be a solo project. That makes the logistics much more difficult when you factor in bathroom breaks, showering, food, and the like.

            I’ll spare you all the details of the “lavatorial” plans. But as far as food goes, I may not be able to move from the spot for a good 24 hours. That means I can’t leave for a sandwich or a slice of pizza. Since I am traveling alone, bringing a cooler is just about out of the question. So, it looks like I’ll be going on a Biblical fast of bread and water for the next 40 hours or so.

            I will be traveling lightly: My comforter, a pillow, a folding chair, my laptop, a camera, and all of my reading for the rest of the semester. I’m doing a nice monument walk up to the Supreme Court at 8:00 P.M. tonight. Expecting a chilly night tonight, but a sunny and warm day tomorrow. Tuesday morning, one of my friends will come hold my spot in line while I put all of my stuff back in my dorm room and change into Court-appropriate clothes.

            I am not sure if I will have internet capability. If so, expect tweets, facebook updates, and continued blog posts. If there is no internet, I will write a number of updates with time labels and will upload all of them upon my return Tuesday. From the looks of CSPAN, there are about 30 people in line so far. I am hoping most of them will attend tomorrow’s hearing, freeing up spaces for me to fit in on Tuesday.


Game on.