Game On

by chriscrawfordnh

The hour is at hand for me to trek up Constitution Ave, from GWU to The United States Supreme Court. There’s a special feeling in the air tonight – that kind of feeling you get before a World Series baseball game or before a major presentation. In a way, I guess I’m just like those crazy fans that sit outside Fenway Park and sleep in the street to get tickets. Fenway Park holds a few more people than the 75-person gallery of the Supreme Court, but we are all brothers in craziness.


The remark has been made that this is the most important Supreme Court case since Roe V. Wade. That statement is absolutely correct in my mind. While other cases have matched it in tangible, immediate importance of the decision, few cases carry the legal weight of this case. There are few Supreme Court cases throughout history that strike at the very core of our Constitution, and this is one of them.


The other two branches have done their part: The Congress passed the bill and the President signed it into law. Starting in about 13 hours, the nine unelected members of our judicial hierarchy will have the final say on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. If they strike it down, they overrule the other two branches.


The gravity of this case is clear, and that’s why I expect roughly 100 people to be ahead of me in line when I get there. The media will be parked out front ready to report, and I expect a number of Pro-Life Christians to be praying on the steps. Who knows, with all the tents around there is probably an occupier or two in the crowd.


I’ve got my books, notebook, and laptop to keep me occupied for the immediate future. I’ve packed bread, apples, and water to keep my hydrated, and have some faithful Beta Theta Pi brothers prepared to relieve me once or twice tomorrow. I’ve got layers of clothing packed for when the temperature drops (34 degrees tomorrow night according to!), and I’ve got my sleeping gear.


If this is the first post you are reading, I’ll let you know that this blog is not a political science one. I’m not going to be arguing my case on here – I’ll let the experts do that in the courtroom. I am simply blogging about the experience of camping outside The Supreme Court and witnessing history.


If I have WiFi on 1st Street, expect constant updates throughout the day. If not, I’ll post timelined posts tomorrow evening around dinnertime.