I have arrived!

by chriscrawfordnh

We left GWU at around 10:00 and strolled along The National Mall and up Capitol Hill to the steps of The Supreme Court. The court is very quiet and still, with a few police officers standing guard by the front steps. There is very little media here, other than the GW Hatchet and a few smalltime reporters.

There are rumors that Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Sarah Palin may be on hand tomorrow, but I haven’t seen anyone too influential thus far.

I am 55th in line, and that The Court holds about 75 to hear the arguments. This puts yours truly in a pretty good spot over-all. I fear that people may get aggressive tomorrow, or that placeholders may be holding spots for a crowd rather than just themselves, but my chances seem pretty good for Tuesday morning.

The crowd is a wide range of people. There are some Tea Party-looking older people, some people who frankly look pretty shabby, and some professional-looking people who are using their sports jackets as blankets. It’s difficult to tell people’s political leanings.

All’s quiet at The Supreme Court for now. I’m told to expect a circus in the morning.

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