Kevin Smith for Governor

by chriscrawfordnh

Like many Republicans voters who will cast a vote for our party’s nominee in this year’s gubernatorial election, I was an early supporter of Ovide Lamontagne. Mr. Lamontagne is a good man, a committed activist, and a man whose deep faith is inspiring and moving to all who meet him.

However, after a great deal of research and consideration, I will be voting for Kevin Smith in our September 11th Primary.

Ronald Reagan once said that our Party needs to be the party of bold colors, not pale pastels. Those following this race know that Kevin Smith has been the candidate of big ideas and bold solutions since the onset of his campaign. He has put forth an aggressive plan to dramatically cut business taxes to bring new companies to our state, he has proposed education reform that would ensure a stronger future for New Hampshire, and he has even said that he will be Deval Patrick’s worst nightmare by poaching Massachusetts businesses and bringing their capital into the Granite State.

In the candidate debates for Governor, Smith has shown a mastery of all things New Hampshire. He understands the problems that face our state, and he understands what solutions are needed to tackle these challenges. He can explain the conservative message like no candidate for New Hampshire governor in recent memory, and would be the best person to debate Jackie Cilley or Maggie Hassan in the general election. There are few people in politics that can combine the wonk-ish knowledge of the issues with the political savvy to spread that knowledge effectively, and Kevin Smith is as good as it gets.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani endorsed Smith’s campaign and traveled to New Hampshire to share his support. The reason is clear: Giuliani turned around New York by putting together a bold agenda built on big ideas. He dissected every problem from every angle and crafted bold solutions to solve these problems. Smith’s campaign for governor mirrors this strategy, which would be a welcome change to the way our state does business.

For the past eight years, New Hampshire has had a governor who, in many ways, effectively ran the day-to-day operations of the state.  It’s time now for a governor who is ready to look beyond the day-to-day; someone who is looking at our future and can structure a long-term plan for the Granite State. Kevin Smith is the only candidate for governor whose campaign centers on this theme – that it’s time for New Hampshire to make a strategic plan for our future that drastically improves our way of life.

I had originally decided that I would keep my support for Kevin Smith quiet and that my contribution to his campaign would be to simply to vote in his favor. Upon further thought, I realized that I would be doing a disservice to our state if I didn’t take further action. There are rare occurrences in which a candidate perfectly fits the time and place in which they are running. Kevin Smith is that type of candidate and the time is now.

After taking a beating in the press for the past two years, our party needs a Republican Governor who is a leader, not a manager. We need someone who can stand up for our conservative beliefs with conviction and eloquence, and who will focus on the important issues to the people of New Hampshire.

On September 11th, GOP Primary voters have the opportunity to nominate a once-in-a-generation, Reaganesque leader who has the bold ideas to bring our state to new heights. That man is Kevin Smith.