I started this blog, formerly called “Camp Supreme”, when I camped outside of the Supreme Court in order to make my way into the Oral Arguments on “Obamacare” in in 2012. Recently, as I’ve been researching the 2012 election map, keeping track of the Veepstakes, and continuing to make ridiculous trips to witness history, I’ve been thinking that I should write a lot of these things down. However, I decided that it’s time for me stop cramming Facebook newsfeeds with arrogantly-worded, snide commentary in notes, status’s, meme’s, and the like. So, this is my new medium to post, comment, analyze, and advocate. So, my dearest Facebook friends, you are now only privy to the occasional link and teaser, rather than full-blown political manifestos and conservative musings. You. Are. Welcome.

To those of you who don’t know me (and those of you who think you know me and don’t), I am a pro-life, anti-death penalty, gay-loving (but not in that way), non-interventionist, Catholic, Constitutional originalist, moderate conservative Political Science major at The George Washington University. I am a raging moderate conservative. I have done work in New Hampshire politics as well as in Washington, D.C., which makes for the most perfect combination of grassroots and inside gamery that one could hope for:

I have worked at Newt 2012, Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office, The Center for a Free Cuba, Bob Giuda for Congress, The Susan B. Anthony List, and am Co-Founder of the NH Conservative Future PAC.

I believe in standing up for what is right, even if you’re standing alone, and I think it is important for everyone to speak their mind. For me, that means boring my friends and family with political theory, and posting here.

Our media and internet are full of people who think they’re smarter than they are and think that society would be much better if people just listened to them. I happen to think that if we all just listened to each other, a lot more positive things would happen. So, I join the former in hopes of achieving the latter.

If you want to interview me, hire me, or marry me, email chriscrawford09@gmail.com or call (603)508-1359